Precision Mechanical Design and Product Development

From miniature opto-mechanical designs, to large complex machinery & very-low cost high-volume production designs, we always seek the elegant design solution. CDQ Enterprises has helped clients with research and development, mechanical and production design.


We have several resources for alpha, beta, and preproduction prototypes. In this phase, appropriate precision is the key to quick progress. An expensive and time-consuming prototype is unnecessary if a quick low-tech option will provide the same functional information. We work with our clients to find the most efficient use of prototypes to keep the project on time & within budget.


We have numerous years of experience with production design, and can help support the production process once a design has been handed off to a production company. In addition, we can help smooth over the transition from a beta prototype to production by sourcing production estimates & drafting concise assembly procedures. We have established relationships with on-shore, near-shore & off-shore production facilities.

About Us

Welcome to our new website.

While many believe that bigger is always better, the small size of our company allows us to remain agile while keeping our overhead low. Over our many years in the Colorado area, we have built quite a large network of contacts which includes some of the finest designers, fabricators, and academia in their respective fields. Our extensive engineering toolset enables us to research, design, and analyze even the most complex designs; this translates into fast answers and fewer steps to a robust design. We help large and small companies from a wide range of industries and can work within the constructs set by our clients to help discover what's needed most for each particular task.

We understand how to work with challenging schedules, and we are committed to delivering the design services that our clients want most. With 30+ years of research and design experience and our innovative team we guide our clients to the most direct approach partnering with them every step of the way to successfully accomplish their goals.

We have distilled our experience down into a succinct design process that allows our clients to avoid common design process pitfalls. Our process is flexible so that we can help our clients complete their projects regardless of where they are in the design lifecycle.


I have worked with CDQ Enterprises for several years. CDQ has been our go-to contract design engineering firm. CDQ has always performed as promised by providing a quality service that was delivered on time and within budget. In addition, their communication response time was always prompt to questions that we asked. As a CEO, I couldn’t ask for anything else.

— Joe Ritter

Optibrand Ltd., LLC